Original Artwork

(SOLD) Heavy Metal

24" x 36" on Oak panel.

This is piece #2 of the 4 part collection spotlighting vintage US Navy diving. 

-My adaptation of a circa 1930- 1940’s photo of unknown Navy Diver on deck.

-This picture to me symbolizes what it’s truly like out on the job. Hard, cold, tough, dirty, smelly and void of glamor. If you’ve ever been on deck cutting old mooring chain you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. 

Materials: (Dive Helmet) pressed copper with patina. Black resin /copper wire, screws on the viewports, wing nuts, (Suit) canvas fabric w/charred shading and acrylic pearls. Black leather cuffs.(Boots) leather with brass sheet toes, leather straps and brass wire buckles, hemp twine laces. Weight belt black and brown leather. Aluminum sheet metal weights w/ cap nuts, brass tacks, brass wire, and screws, (Umbilical hoses) black hose, canvas, brass valve fitting, aluminum hose clamps, hemp twine, (Barge deck) sheet metal, angle iron, heavily marred, corroded, and secured with adhesive and cap screws. Small shackles, cleats, pulley, synthetic line, hemp twine. The chain has organic kelp, mussel shells, and barnacles collected from our local beach, (Torch) copper sheet metal, (Flames) copper, brass, and aluminum sheet metal w/ red alcohol stain, (Hammer) steel sheet metal


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