Original Artwork

Two Trees-Eternal Devotion

36” x 24” on Pine panel (Framed)

For over a century, Two Trees has been the iconic symbol of Ventura. Much like our community, the trees have seen their share of sorrow, destruction, and death but the symbol of strength and perseverance has endured.

I see Two Trees as two old soulmates staring out at the Channel Islands.  Even death cannot break their bond because their roots are intertwined and anchored deep by eternal love and devotion.


Trees and roots: braided stainless steel wire and Reindeer moss.

Heart:  Locally collected stone.

Hillside:  reindeer and sheet moss, dried yellow mustard weed collected from Ventura hillside.

Ocean: acid stained, steel sheet metal

Santa Cruz Island.  Copper sheet metal.

Moon:  heat treated copper sheet metal.

Sky:  acrylics.

Frame:  distressed pine w/ Jacobean stain.

Preserved with 3 coats of gloss varnish.


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